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A Finnish web developer works as a consultant

If you ask a random Finnish web developer to detail the projects they have worked on, I bet YLE (Finnish public broadcasting company) comes up. If you further ask to rank the projects, it would likely score high. The devs I've talked to and the Yle talks I've listened to have convinced me that taking a gig in Yle is indeed one of the most remarkable things to do in Finland. I'm not sure, but I think a US developer might not see working for the PBS as their career highlight. As a taxpayer, especially working in IT, it is fantastic that Finnish talent works on major, often publicly funded, megaprojects. The digital services are made well, robustly, and rate among the world's best. The developers enjoy working in such places because that all-knowing mentor colleague is sitting next to you. There are few Twitters or other desirable "web-scale" projects available locally. Not incidentally, this means that the barrier of entry is high to get these jobs. The Finnish