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Best music of 2021

No recap of lessons learned this year. Instead, here is a collection of some of the best music from 2021. Proud to say that I succeeded in my goal of listening to more Finnish records! Shoutout to Radio Helsinki and its feature programs for keeping me on that path. Albums and EPs Handshaking - Garden Clogs Seeing Fedja Kamari perform live was one of the most memorable experiences this summer. The song "Näin kai taas lankesin" even in a formidable seven-and-a-half minute length, is a masterwork in tension-building and incidentally my most listened tune of the year. Richard Dawson, Circle - Henki Dawsons falsetto started to catch my ear while listening to the Finnish indie Spotify list. Slowly it began to grow on me. The rough, unpolished sound of the Circle with its unbridled energy makes me grin. Ichiko Aoba - Windswept Adan The soothing voice of Aoba's gives me the chills. Her impressive upper range combined with a dreamy flute produces a powerful emotional experience. T

Note to self: use common collection functions

The Advent of Code in Elixir continues to be a humbling experience year after year. One of my weaknesses in programming puzzles and, in general, is a lack of intuition on which common collection operations to use. Or, to be more precise, since I don't know them intimately, I don't know when to apply them in code. It is way too often I get feedback on a code review on  why do you do this thing with a plain map or reduce while you could use this and that helper function . Often, one can replace a custom function with a more expressive composition of well-known "stock" functions. I think a recap is in order. I enumerate in this post the most useful ones for me - or at least those I get the most feedback from. These are indeed useful even in the basic CRUD app!  I took the names from Scala and Elixir standard libraries and checked that functions with similar names exist in Lodash and Ramda JS external libraries Chunk/Group/Split/Partition Make a list of lists based on a f