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It was a year of wrapping up a major project I've been working on for several years. Nothing is, of course, ever truly finished in software, so "fully released" is maybe a better choice of words. In 2023, I was also part of starting a new, presumably soon-to-be megaproject. This led to me switching jobs. See this tweet My new employer is an early-stage startup. I have never been on one, so I wanted to know what that is like. We are a close-knit team, quite different from the 100+ member projects I began my career with. Before fully committing to the new one, I juggled two jobs for six months. I was a (primarily) mobile developer by day and transformed into a web developer by night (actually, I did most of the coding on weekends). My first assignment was related to setting up the frontend, which I ended up doing with NextJS + Tailwind + shadcn/ui combo.  My working days have changed dramatically. Earlier in the year, I worked on a reasonably stable and mature organization