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AKKA-actor DynamicImport-Package: * header

When OSGi modules are fabricated so that they have limited dependencies to other modules, the development process is a breeze. Changes to any single module reflect to a limited set of other modules which enables easy deployment and update of the running software. In the Karaf based project I'm working on, this is mostly the case: updating for example a bundle which is responsible for a certain UI view, only the corresponding view goes down for a couple of milliseconds and the page is automatically refreshed after that. We started seeing exceptions to this on places where there should not have been any "core" dependencies. When upgrading for example a bundle which exports message/model classes which are part of the Akka communication between the bundles, sometimes the whole karaf seems to go down. The message classes can be used by multiple bundles including the core ones but we started seeing this behavior happening when deploying also non-core Akka message bundles. Wha