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Pragmatic developers guide to river crossing

TODOs, FIXMEs, issue links, and hacks are terms in a codebase that get the blood boiling for some, but I am almost always glad when I see them nowadays. The terms have saved me from ghost chases more times than I want to know. My thoughts on the matter are best explained by this little tale. Let's imagine a dev team tasked with figuring out a way to transport a wolf, goat, and cabbage across a river. They have been contracted by a client expert in transport systems After a discussion with the domain specialists, the developers conclude that renting a boat for the river crossing is the way to go since it is the most cost-effective.  The transportation design is abstracted with an open-source library. Perfect! Such an easy job, right? Provided, of course, that the library API is decent. It turns out the library, although simple, could be better. It is imperative, stateful, and cumbersome—very outdated stuff. There are fortunately, only three public functions, init , load and moveToN