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My top three React Native bugs 2020-2022

Writing React Native code from nine to five for almost three years has led me to face some truly baffling bugs. So much so that I decided to write this memo that hopefully gives me a good chuckle in a decade or two. Do not interpret this list as a criticism against any mentioned libraries but rather an enumeration of funny remarks. I have uncovered plenty of others, but there is something about top-three lists, isn't there? 1. Serving static HTML So you want to render a static file from the device file system on Android? Not so fast - literally! There is a race condition in the RN WebView native implementation, so you must set the URL after the first render. PS. there was also a bug where you must unmount the WebView on Android before back navigation! In our codebase, there are three variables suffixed with "hack" in the WebView wrapping file only 🥇 2. Transition animations Wou