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Vue and React experiences

Recently I have been doing a cross-platform mobile app with React native and also a web app frontend with Vue.js. As a reluctant java bull, building front-ends with something different than Java has been indeed something I have been looking for for a while. The React native mobile app is something I'm developing solo and is for a customer in importing tools for machine workshops business. It is a pretty straightforward shopping catalog-like app with a focus for customizable catalogs for each customer. I have found it to be pretty much perfect for a first project, the domain is simple and there are plenty of ready-made stuff and example applications where to look for inspiration On the project where Vue is being used, the old technology was Angular, versions 1 and 4. There was a decision to use Vue for the new front-end components and I was fortunate enough to be in the team making the first one and participate in building a template project that would be used by all new front