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On Marshall

Nobel peace price winner most known as state secretary and the Marshall plan, George C. Marshall, was one of the pillars on which the US military might founds on today As army chief of staff, Marshall was responsible for who to fire and who to keep. When he stepped into the office on the day Germany attacked Poland, The US army was old dated, and their military tactics were as well. The US was a third rate military power. Less than 200k men and a handful of tanks and bombers. On his reign, it grew to be a force of 9 million and to be the world's most powerful army. His contributions to the war effort were so significant in his peers' eyes that President Franklin Roosevelt said that "I could not sleep at night with you out of Washington" How did he do it? Before the US got involved in the second world war, he was to retire hundreds of senior leadership. They did not fit the Marshall profile. In essence, it is a handful of character traits. 1. G