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Motivated Developers Do Valuable Things (Mostly)

I have a provocative claim that people do what they want in a given software organization and then play the game of scrum or some similar established process. A more nuanced way of putting that is that we (developers) are incredibly easy to sidetrack from the commonly agreed "most important TODO items." Sure, we follow the abstract, larger vision of a given product, but the more granular the level, the more variance there is in people following the predetermined issue list. When it is written or said out, all that does not seem that provocative. It is actually written in agile process documentation, but not in those words. Agile process talks about "requirement volatility" which can be seen as a similar thing I am talking about. Given most employees do what they want, how do organizations keep on top of that? Now, for what might seem like a continuation of stating the obvious: meetings and issue trackers are vital tools for monitoring team activities. Motivated indi