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Encore framework POC

I tried out the Encore go backend framework. I had no particular project to use it for; it was more that I wanted to do some go programming. Here are my two cents about it. Encore uses a simple package-based structure to build simplistic services. It has the usual niceties with hot code reload, minimal boilerplate, easy authentication management, etc. An endpoint is defined by an annotated function with a set of defined parameters. Encore provides also a runtime platform with one command deploy (git push actually) which is rather cool. Perhaps the most opinionated feature to me was the transparent integration to PostgreSQL. If a service has a migration file with some DB calls, the run or the deploy command automatically creates a database for the service and runs the migrations. The cloud console is pretty neat Would I use Encore in an actual project? Maybe not. Firstly, it's still in beta. If I'd start a plain old rest project with Postgres, sure, it takes away the boilerplat

Hacking around in SerenityOS

SerenityOS is a cool project to implement a 90's style retro operating system. I ran into it when some commenter in Hacker news recommended watching the  Andreas Klings Youtube series  on the development.  I've been obsessively watching his content for months now. In the videos, Andreas screencasts his work on the various features he is implementing. They are a fascinating watch. He is a master software craftsman. There is plenty to learn from his sessions, even if you would not be interested in C++ or system development. I've been doing minor hacks here and there, mainly to the UI components, since they are the easiest to approach for me. I'm not planning to contribute much to the project, but I think I'll keep watching the videos and reading the Discord channel actively.  I have almost completed one feature, though. I extended the screenshot utility to capture gifs as well. I found an open-source library that creates gifs out of PNGs. It sorta works; the colors a