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Flutter summer project

As a summer project, I helped out a team at my local university in a project combining open data with students seeking an apartment to rent, especially when moving to a new city. They designed a mobile app for this task, and I was to implement it. I decided to try out Flutter this time instead of react-native. Again, there are several blog posts and even official documentation on how to transform from native or react-native development into using Flutter.  Here are my two cents though Dart. Google's solution for building UI:s. The syntax is familiar looking. I like the way how it is not limited to any particular form of programming, but the guideline for Flutter enforces a specific declarative style. One of the best parts of Flutter development is the named arguments. Development environment. One of the better setup experiences. A self-contained diagnostic tool which alerts if something is not set correctly. Updating is a simple git pull and some installation scripts. I had