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GH auto-rebase complaint

GitHub, you serve us well, but please allow me a tiny complaint about the rebase flow. First, some context. In a trunk-based, linear history rebase development workflow (aka tl;dr), we do primarily smallish PRs. The project has two active developers, and we consistently accomplish a handful of PRs daily. The review takes priority. Usually, an initial review is ready, and related fixes are implemented in less than an hour. Unfortunately, our CI is slow, and we typically don't have its status available once the human part of the review is complete. GH has added the auto-merge (or auto-rebase) feature. It presumably works best in merge flows and is only nearly as good for the linear history rebase workflow. Unfortunately, we can't set multiple PRs to auto-rebase and expect GitHub to handle it automagically. Our branch protection rules require that source branches must be up-to-date before rebasing to main. Once any PR is rebased, the following ones are not up to date with the targ

Wundernut vol. 12 coding challenge

Stable diffusion magic created with DreamStudio This autumn, the Wunderdog Wundernut programming puzzle includes figuring out why the repository has a sand-colored PNG and which Harry Potter character to submit on a form. My submission to the previous puzzle was not very high-brow. I'm not saying my solution to the new one is more elegant, but at least I think I used a proper (read boring) tool. On the upside, I got to learn a new cipher type (affine) and use an OCR library for the first time ever!