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Using actors as a throttle

I've been working on a web shop integration project from time to time for last six months. The use case is that there are several different instances of a webshop (slave) and one master shop. All product information should be integrated from the master shop to the slaves on regular intervals. There are also some business rules applied to the products upon integration. The integration is set to happen on a certain time of day. It is a relatively long process because it checks through all the products in all shops. That's fine though, there is no requirements on how quick the integration should be. It should rather be a resource constrained process so it would not affect the users using the web shops. Originally I thought this would be a perfect use case for serverless application running in AWS Lambda for example. I also tried out OpenWhisk from IBM which can be run as a self-hosted serverless platform. While it would have been interesting to try out those technologies I