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Aalto BDA course

I've been studying the Aalto university Bayesian data analysis course on my own (slow) pace this spring and early summer. I've mostly watched the excellent course videos and scrolling through the coursebook, but there has been some coding as well. The exercises are supposed to be made with R, but me being a master hackerman, I chose golang and gonum. While the gonum library is limited compared to what R has, my goal with this course is not to become a statistics expert but rather to relearn what I have forgotten from my university studies. I also value keeping my go skills in tune. I present you, exercise one.   


I've been using react-native-reanimated for simple animations. It's great, but it has a rather steep learning curve. There is a 2.0 version coming out soon with a different syntax, which should allow producing native animations more straightforward. In anticipation of 2.0 release, I present you a 1.X.Y version of an Icon with a discrete scaling animation on tap. Edit: Now reanimated 2 is out so a much cleaner version is possible. See AnimatedIcon2.tsx

Back on the react-native saddle

I'm back in writing a react native app. This time it is a rather complex one. It is to work fully offline and render some 3D models. As a bonus, we are writing it in TS. The project setup was somewhat painful. We took some inspiration from the Ignite seed project but used the official TS template. The most challenging thing was to get the testing library to work correctly. Why react native?  The company has mostly React developers so that jumping to mobile should be a bit easier. I suggested Flutter, but that did not stick primarily due to prior analyses, and they had already made some spikes with RN. React is an excellent way to write user interfaces, so I was not too inconvenienced. There is the argument that react-native has a lot of abandonware, and I've had that feeling frequently during the last few months. I took a look at the awesome react-native list. The list itself is not updated frequently. Furthermore, I took a look at the last time the most popular libraries were