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Showing posts from April, 2021

React native lazy screens

React native 0.64 by default has "inline requires"  enabled. We can now easily squeeze some milliseconds out of the app startup time. Here are a couple of examples of how to do it with React Navigation . If some navigation paths are behind feature flags, you can import them conditionally at the navigator level, skipping potentially unused code to be loaded on startup while preventing users' access to unreleased features. You can also create lazy loading screens that will require the actual implementation only when it has received a navigation event.

Distroless image internals

We used a Google "distroless" image as the base image on a go application deployment in a project a while ago. I never looked into what distroless really means, but I had a guess. I'm also curious to look under the hood of a docker image if they really are just merged archives. Recently there was a "Docker without docker" blog post in Hacker news about how simple docker (or rather, OCI) image format is. Spoiler: an image is tar archives on top of tar archives. The post has also a detailed explanation of how to pull images from a container registry. I shamelessly took the image pull script they shared and modified it a bit to pull the static distroless image from the Google container registry. The image is only one layer, and here is how it looks like after I extracted it and removed all the root level empty directories with all directories with at least one file expanded. It looks pretty empty to me, and I suppose that's th